Hp Agilent Keysight Vxi Mainframe Modules E1421b-e1488a-e1430a-e1429a-e1428a

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HP AGILENT KEYSIGHT E1421B/E1488A/E1430A/E1429A/E1428A

Product Attributes: brand=hp/agilent/ keysight, model=e1421b/e1488a/e1430a/e1429a/e1428a, country/region of manufacture=united states, bundle listing=no, sku=1112438540752291, mpn=e1421b

HP AGILENT KEYSIGHT E1421B/E1488A/E1430A/E1429A/E1428A Description

Hp Agilent Keysight Vxi Mainframe Modules E1421B-E1488A-E1430A-E1429A-E1428A
E1421b E1488a E1430a E1429a E1428a Hp Agilent Keysight Hp Agilent

We always re-check the item before ship it. This preserves the timing correlation of both channels without a reduction in sample rate. Here is a user manual for more information and specs: : engineering. Get this great working, HP - AGILENT E1421B vxi mainframe with five 5 modules today.

Lit web pdif e1430 buy with confidence as feedback speaks for itself. I can ship overseas, if you buy the item off my web site. The unit is in good to great cosmetic condition.

This is a HP - AGILENT e1428a 1 gs as vxi oscilloscope. Get the whole system for less, today. Reasonable ones. Pdif what you see is get.

Again, it was tested and works fine. Pdif this HP - AGILENT e1430a is a vxi 10 mesas 23-bit digitizer with DPs and local bus. I only take credit cards through Paypal. You are buying a professionally tested and checked out as fully functional, HP - AGILENT E1421B vxi mainframe with five 5 modules.

There are 100% k-words of internal ram or 500 shared for segment storage. We our one ifs top sellers tested, working, and calibrated test equipment for over fourteen years. We will re-check it out before ship. For fast capture of many waveforms, the HP e1428a offers sequential single-shot mode which internally stores successive waveforms rapidly.

Au research groups Nerf resources e1429b. Features: c-size, portable vxi mainframe slot capacity 240vac power input efficient air-flow design. Again, if you return the item to me, will have pay shipping cost back me. Individually.

For more information and specs from the user manual: : CAP. Pdif the two 2 HP - AGILENT e1488a memory module is a 1-slot, c-size, register based, adds to vxi local bus instruments high-speed data transfers over interfaces transfer battery-backed static ram used by digitizers and DPs products. For more information and specs on this card: : CAP. Recycled product images pdif 20 files e1428adata.

This HP - AGILENT E1421B c-size, 6-slot vxi mainframe is a compact, cost-effective solution for configurations requiring fewer slots than the 13-slot e1401b or e84 series c-size. This makes sure the item is working when it left my shop. The memory can be optimized for acquisition and speed. The serials are mainframe us36002603.

The buyer of all re-true items will pay shipping cost back to me, no matter problem with item. Features: single-slot, c-size, vxi module the whole mainframe and modules would cost you 2, 000. Lit web pdif 5965-5550e. Paypal, bill me later, bank check, and personal business check 10 day hold is accepted.

The smaller size and weight of E1421B make it an excellent choice for either portable or rack-mount applications. These are just people that sell, to make a quick buck today, then gone tomorrow. Features: 1-slot, c-size, vxi module MHz bandwidth, 2 channels gs as maximum sample rate fast through HP UT with 1 MB shared ram automatic pulse parameter measurements recommended for transient signals. I am a man of my word.

Our goal is to exceed customers expectations. Especially overseas buyers. The oscilloscope comes with both a CPI command set and an HP compatible command.

Shipping in 48 states with insurance. Yes, you can always find test equipment on that cost less than my equipment, but it will not have the same quality, nits traceable calibration, or 14 years track record. It may have a small scratch here or there. All buttons, knobs, and switches are good intact.

In these bad economic times, get more bang, for your money with tested, working and calibrated test equipment from AAA resources inc. Buyer pays AGILENT. For more information and specs from the data sheet. I am a well known seller and buyer of all working test equipment.

The E1421B complies with vxi bus specification by providing injector surface rails used quick easy module insertion and extraction system. It has two 2 HP - AGILENT e1488a memory module, one 1 e1430a vxi 10 mesas 23-bit digitize with DPs and local bus, e1429a 20 digitize, e1428a channel GSA 250 MHz oscilloscope module. Pdif this HP - AGILENT e1428a digitizing oscilloscope is a c-size, 2-slot, message- based vxi module that has two channels with each channel containing their own 8-bit d, and 8, 000 point memory to simultaneously capture at up 1 GSA. Reasonable offers are always welcome.

You get the HP - AGILENT E1421B mainframe, two 2 e1488a memory module, one 1 e1430a vxi 10 mesas 23-bit digitizer with DPs and local bus, e1429a 20 digitizer, e1428a channel GSA 250 MHz oscilloscope manuals on some of modules mainframe CD, power cord. We will bubble wrap it great and put in a double wall box for safe shipping.

Buy from an experienced seller. We do not ship overseas, if you buy the item off. PC based software is available to program the oscilloscope as a bench scope. Wire transfers are good too.

05 SASE to 20 mas sample rate dual channel, 12-bit resolution analysis capability with the e1485a DPs. I do not take credit cards myself. Pdif this HP - AGILENT e1429a is a 20 mesas digitizer module. For more information and specs on the mainframe: .

Will works with voltage. We know have a choice on which items buy, so thanks for your time and buying from AAA equipment resources inc. No options are marked. Features: high dynamic range built-in anti-alias filters signal conditioning FIFO memory local bus capability ranges in 6db steps : 28dbm to -32dbm.

Web data mfr Pd's agilen 5965-5528e.

HP AGILENT KEYSIGHT E1421B/E1488A/E1430A/E1429A/E1428A Specifications


  • brand: Hp/agilent/ Keysight
  • model: E1421b/e1488a/e1430a/e1429a/e1428a
  • sku: 1112438540752291
  • mpn: E1421b


  • country/region of manufacture: United States
  • bundle listing: No

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